Why do I need my carpet inspected?

To ensure that you don't have any hidden water leaks from a bathroom or leaky pipe in the wall. Moisture seeping into your carpet can be visually undetectable for many months causing mould growth and damaging your carpet beyond repair. By the time any signs such as stains, musty odours, rotten skirting boards and door frames are noticed, your repair costs could double. We also locate any urine stains that may be present, hidden in your carpet and visually undetectable with the naked eye. Mould and bacteria also feed on urine and can cause bad odours if not treated properly. Recently cleaned carpet can mask urine stains and bad odours for a short period of time.

If I'm buying a house, how will it benefit me?

When buying a new home it would be advisable to know before you buy if the carpet is hiding urine, wet with moisture and harbouring mould. It could take months for visual signs to become apparent. Carpet can hide a multitude of sins, don't get caught out! Wouldn't you like to know before you buy that the shower is leaking water under the carpet and that there are numerous urine stains breading health hazards for your family. Knowing before you buy gives you the opportunity to have these problems addressed before you purchase the property.

Won't a Building Inspection find all these problems?

No, Building Inspections do not include soft furnishings such as carpet.

What do you test for?

The Inspection comprises a visual assessment and the use of various testing equipment, to identify any moisture, mould, urine, general stains, pests and other damage to the carpet at the time of the Inspection.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is the use of a non-contact temperature measurement device which detects the infrared energy emitted, transmitted or reflected by all things. The device captures and produces an image that would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye.

Do you provide Photographs?

Yes, we provide colour photographs and thermal images of any anomalies with all our reports.

How do I book an Inspection?

Call us on 0411 451130 or contact us via email and we will call you within 24hrs to arrange an appointment.

When do I pay for my Inspection?

payment is required at time of inspection.

How can I pay for my Inspection?

  • We accept Visa and Mastercard
  • EFTPOS - at time of Inspection
  • Cash - at time of Inspection

How soon will I get my report?

Within three working days.

How will I get my report?

All reports are sent via email in PDF format.
However you can also request a:
  • Hardcopy of Report - $25.00
  • Report on USB - $25.00