Mattress Cleaning

We regularly clean our carpets but often neglect to clean our mattresses, the one thing that is literally in our face night after night.

Dust, dead skin cells, hair, bacteria, dust mites, dust mite carcasses and dust mite faeces are just some of the things found in the mattress we sleep on everynight.

Dust mites and allergies go hand in hand, these microscopic arachnids love warm, moist places such as your pillow and mattress. They feed on the dead skin cells that we shed every night while sleeping. Due to their microscopic size and copious amounts of food a female dust mite can lay 60 to 100 eggs in five weeks and up to 1000 faecal pellets. It is these pellets that cause the allergic reactions that most people suffer. An average bed can house 100,000 to 10,000,000 dust mites.

Our System

Our mattress cleaning system will eliminate dust mites, kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and neutralise odours. We use a dry steam vapour to clean, sanitise and deodorise, which will leave you with a fresh and healthy mattress for a good nights sleep.

Our dry steam vapour system is a low pressure and low moisture system (4 -6% water) which produces steam up to 155 degrees Celsius and dries very quickly. Not to be confused with the carpet steam cleaning method which is actually Hot Water Extraction (HWE) and uses high pressure and a high volume of water.

Our Dry Steam Vapour System (DSVS) improves indoor air quality. We use no chemicals and because our system neutralises odours we have no need for the use of smelly sprays to mask odours.

Our Process

  • Pre-inspect mattress for stains, damage and assess its general condition
  • Discuss findings with customer
  • Remove dry debris from mattress with our deep cleaning vibrational vacuum. We use highly efficient Hepa Filtration with Micro Allergen Technology
  • Proceed with cleaning method - Dry Steam Vapour System (DSVS)
  • Remove any additional debris such as dead dust mites using our "ecoactive" water filter which prevents dispersion of impurities into the air

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