Pet Urine and Odour Treatment

Lets face it, accidents do happen!

Our pets, children, the elderly and infirm can all have accidents on the carpet. Decontamination of urine in carpet involves specialised treatment to address the stain, odour and bacteria which cannot be remediated by normal carpet cleaning alone.

It is extremely important to treat urine stains properly otherwise you will have an ongoing health and odour problem. General carpet cleaning will not treat urine stains, if anything carpet cleaning without first treating the urine can spread the urine further throughout the carpet. The correct treatment of urine in carpet addresses the issues of odour control and bacteria growth thereby neutralising the stain.

The urine stain that we can see on top of the carpet is only the tip of the iceberg. When urine hits the carpet, gravity draws it down to the carpet padding underlay and from there it spreads out in a larger circle and can soak into the subfloor if there is a great volume of urine or if the pet urinates in the same area everytime.

If left untreated you not only run the risk of odours and bacteria growth but permanent damage to the carpet fibres including colour loss. What appears to be a urine stain could in fact be permanent colour loss which can only be rectified by dyeing the stain to the original colour of the carpet.

We can offer you a urine treatment to address the level of contamination in your home.

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